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The Sludgelord News: MINSK: Midwest Atmospheric Metal Conjurors Unveil New Tune; The Crash & The Draw To See Release In April

Scattered between the sleepy city of Peoria and metropolis of Chicago and drawing inspiration from a remote Belarusian city that has been burned to the ground only to be rebuilt like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, MINSK has been cultivating sonic exploration and alchemical outpourings since 2002. Rooted in the post-metal landscape that brought forth visionaries like Neurosis and Isis, with their latest opus, The Crash & The DrawMINSK step out of the shadows of the giants of their genre to create a psychedelic blend of tuneful, trance-inducing heaviness.

Set to drop via Relapse Records this Spring, The Crash & The Draw follows the eclectic collective's six-year hiatus and boasts eleven arresting psalms that transcend far beyond the boundaries of post-metal, sludge and psychedelia. An instant contender for one of the most forward-thinking metal records of the year, each cascading movement is a crucial sonic passage through dark and light. At once crushing, hallucinatory and at times, spiritually illuminating, tracks ebb and flow with a pastoral elegance and tangible urgency.

Reflects co-founding member Timothy Mead (vocals, keyboards) of the recording: "So much attention and care have gone into this process, this renewal. We knew in order to really move MINSK forward in a meaningful way we would need to raise the bar all over again. This realization lit a fire within us to transcend what was. Lots of changes, to be sure, and yet the results are unmistakably MINSK."

Adds co-founder Christopher Bennett (guitars, vocals): "This new album will present inroads to some of the musical archetypes we initially discussed when starting this band, but ones we have not yet touched on in the macrocosmic sense. It embodies the furtherance and expansion of MINSK in ways desired in the past, but not realized until these songs began to show themselves to us. The aggregate elements combining into a solid form. We hope to reveal this process to any and all who have the ears to hear."

"We are very pleased to finally be able to share an actual piece of the record," Mead continues of "To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure," available for the first time today for public consumption. "As always with MINSK, it's incredibly difficult to lift out one piece of the narrative and imply that it is fully representative of the whole, but I think that 'To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure' is a fitting first taste, something succinct, and something that feels really good to turn up loud. The phrase alone, to the garish remembrance of failure, is exceptionally meaningful to us, and we are proud to share a first glimpse of some of what is ahead. Raise a glass, feel and know the vivid memory of what has gone wrong and what must change... to the garish remembrance of failure."

Sample "To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure" via YouTube HERE or SoundCloud HERE.

Recorded almost exclusively in The Prairie State, The Crash & The Draw was captured by the band alongside Sanford Parker (Twilight, Voivod, Eyehategod, Yob etc.) at Earth Analog in Tolono, mixed by Parker and MINSK at Hypercube in Chicago and mastered by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Indian, Wovenhand, Voivod etc.) at The Boiler Room in Chicago with additional vocal tracking by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City. Old Man Gloom, Floor etc.) at Antisleep Audio in Oakland, California and further tracking, editing, and mixing by Kevin Rendleman at Trash Rocket Audio and Aaron Austin at We Know Who You Are, both in Peoria. The record includes the striking cover creation of Orion Landau (Yob, Inter Arma, Red Fang etc.), a reinterpretation of original artwork by contributing artist, Corinne Reid.

MINSK's The Crash & The Draw will be released via Relapse Records in North America on April 7th, 2015, April 3rd, 2015 in Germany, Benelux and Finland and April 6th, 2015 in the UK and rest of the world and come available on CD, double LP and digitally. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION. For digital orders, go HERE

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The Sludgelord News: WRATH OF VESUVIUS: West Coast Technical Death Outfit To Drop New Full-Length This June; Studio Footage/Track Sampler Revealed + US Tour To Kick Off Today

California technical death metal architects and recent Unique Leader signees, WRATH OF VESUVIUS,otherwise known as WRVTH, will release their third full-length this June. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, All Shall Perish et al.) at SharkBite/Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, California, the self-titled opus features a guest appearance from Daniel Casares from Bay Area jazz group "Atta Kid" on saxophone and boasts eleven tracks of transcendental death metal. Elaborates the band, "We get a lot of inspiration from the experience ofjust being in a band. All the conflicts and resolutions throughout the years have all molded the way we approach our songs. We've always been the type of musicians that take the next step to further our skill but collectively and as an entity we strive to convey the jaded sense of growing older into our music. Like Revelation,there is a melodic and lyrical progression that all leads up to cathartic resolution. It takes you on a journey of emotional high points ranging from the good, bad and unforgivable."

Check out studio footage as well as an album sampler at THIS LOCATION.

Wrvth Track Listing:
1. Harrowing Winds
2. Malaise
3. Looming Sigils
4. Ongoing Dissension
5. Endless Haze
6. Lured By Knaves
7. Forlorn
8. Larkspur
9. Amber Glow
10. Into Bloom
11. Cease To Exist

As a precursor to the record's release, WRVTH will crumble stages alongside tech death behemoths/labelmates Inanimate Existence on a two-plus week takeover. The Enter Into Atonement Tour 2015 is scheduled for liftoff tomorrow, February 26th in Stockton, California and will pillage eighteen cities with additional onstage demolitions in their plotting stages.

WRVTH w/ Inanimate Existence:
2/26/2015 The 207 - Stockton, CA
2/27/2015 EPEK Print Shop - Salinas, CA
2/28/2015 Musichead - Medford, OR
3/01/2015 The Third Street Pub - Bend, OR
3/02/2015 The Pin - Spokane, WA
3/03/2015 The Palace Lounge - Missoula, MT
3/04/2015 Machinery Row - Great Falls, MT
3/05/2015 Loading Dock - Salt Lake City, UT
3/06/2015 Bushwackers Saloon - Denver, CO
3/07/2015 The Blu Phoenix - Albuquerque, NM
3/08/2015 Joe's Grotto - Phoenix, AZ
3/09/2015 Slidebar - Fullerton, CA
3/10/2015 Boondocks Tavern - Banning, CA
3/11/2015 White Oak Music - Van Nuys, CA
3/12/2015 Strummer's - Fresno, CA FREE Show!
3/13/2015 The Divebar - Las Vegas, NV
3/14/2015 Arlene Francis Center - Santa Rosa, CA
3/15/2015 On The Y - Sacramento, CA

Established in 2007, WRVTH self-financed their 2009 A World In Peril EP followed by their 2010 debutlong player Portals Through Ophiuchus before piquing the interest of Mediaskare Records who released sophomore rager, Revelation, in 2013. Following two years of maniacal tour schedules, personnel shifts, and a wholly matured approach to their sound, WRVTH will drop theirself-titled third offering this Spring.

Wrvth will be released on June 16th, 2015. Music and preorders packages to be unveiled in the weeks to come.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Sludgelord News: IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS: Denver's Doomiest To Kick Off US Tour Next Week; Additional Dates Confirmed

Denver doom duo, IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS, will kick off their US live takeover next week. Set to embark on March 6th in Salt Lake City with additional dates added since the initial announcement, the band will bring their lead-footed tidings to fourteen cities down the West Coast and into the Southwest, with the tour coming to a halt on March 21st in Wichita. IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS will be joined a host of ear-bleeders throughout the journey including Top Dead Celebrity, Ladybird, Gale and more. Comments the band, "Let the waves of fuzz roll over you, empty your mind, and worship at the throne of Ohms."

IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS will be scouring ears with hymns from their Merging In Light EP, unleashed at the close of 2014. Produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Catheter, Nightbringer, Primitive Man etc.) at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado, Merging In Lightboasts over twenty chest-heaving minutes of bottom-heavy, riff-sodden, fuzzed out cheerlessness. The Sludgelord champions the offering calling it, "perfect and depressing in its sound... a thunderous and downtuned beast. How this duo can make such a thunderous, epic, filthy, sludgy sound is bewildering." Echoes And Dust crowns IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS, " of the most exciting bands around in the doom genre," furthering of the EP, " It's a no frills affair with one eye on the old school and the other on a more contemporary affair and given time surely they must reap the dividends." No Clean Singing elaborates, "The music is tank-like in the roll of its mechanics, the guitar and bass chords so distorted and sludgy that it seems like an experiment in the most efficient means of sonic spinal compression, the drum strikes so powerful that they come down like a pile-driver on concrete. The effect is near-cataclysmic. But oh man, the groove is so dominant - these are neck-grabbing songs that will bend your head up and down to their will," while Heathen Harvest adds, "IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS have, yet again, succeeded in crafting a collection of tunes that are malicious and ugly, while still possessing an irrefutable catchiness. While the band seems to be embracing and exploiting their time in the studio for the occasional overdub or sound effect, it should be noted that they are not doing so at the expense of their live sound. Merging In Light is easily one of the year's best... Perhaps not as spacey or as sprawling as Yob, IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTSchannels the same degree of unbridled anger, but without the occasional glimpse of hope or transcendence that is often intimated by Mike Scheidt and co."

3/06/2015 Bar Deluxe - Salt Lake City, UT w/ Oxcross, Top Dead Celebrity
3/07/2015 Crazy Horse - Boise, ID w/ Oxcross, Top Dead Celebrity, Swamp Shrine
3/09/2015 Highline - Seattle, WA w/ UN, Breag Naofa
3/10/2015 Tonic Lounge  - Portland, OR / Burials, Satanarchist, Dispossessed
3/11/2015 Eli's Mile High Club - Oakland, CA w/ Devoid
3/12/2015 Complex - Los Angeles, CA /Teeth
3/13/2015 The First Universalist Church Of San Diego - San Diego, CA w/ Old Man Wizard, Garth Algar, Deep Sea Thunder Beast
3/14/2015 51 West - Phoenix, AZ w/ Twin Giant, Ladybird, Gale
3/15/2015 Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM w/ End to End, Iceolus, Echoes Of Fallen
3/17/2015 Billiards Back Room - Abilene, TX w/ Adrenal Asphyxia
3/18/2015 The Badlands - Austin, TX w/ Mountain Of Smoke, Destroyer of Light + more for the Austin Heavy Music Vol.2 Showcase
3/19/2015 The Double Wide - Dallas, TX w/ Terminator 2, The Spectacle
3/20/2015 The Blue Note  - Oklahoma City, OK w/ Idre
3/21/2015 The Crows Nest - Wichita, KS w/ The Serpent Overlord, Idre 

Featuring artwork by renowned illustrator Sam Turner, (Sleep, Speedwolf et al) the EP was released independently on limited 12" colored vinyl and is currently available via the IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS BandCamp page HERE.

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Viajando - 'Counting Days EP' (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 09/01/2015
Label: Self Release

‘Counting Days EP’ DD track listing:

1). Counting Days (02:39)
2). Nothing is Sacred (04:29)
3). Hell’s Pit (04:14)
4). Rogue (04:55)
5). Dead Mask (03:53)
6). Sleeper (04:38)

Viajando is

Taylor | Vox/Drums
Nick | Guitar
Justin | Bass


I will start off by saying, this isn’t my usual cup of tea, not by a long shot, but damn this one got me.  ‘Viajando’, which if my Spanish serves me translates to “to travel, or a journey of sorts” and that seems particularly fitting for the band coming off a recent name change from ‘Stone City’ to their current moniker on the bands first EP, ‘Current Days’. This Charlotte, N.C. trio plays a kind of up beat, almost poppy sludge based hard rock (sludge pop?) with punk esque vocals peppering the songs throughout. Fans of bands such as Aeges and Torche take note because this is absolutely going to land on your radar.

‘Counting days’ kicks off with a fuzzy guitar harmony weaving into the drums and bass to flow with the melodic vocals until almost the end of the song where everyone kind of stops and gets pissed off with a screaming, heavy crunchy outro.  ‘Nothing is Sacred’ starts with a nice fuzzy grinding riff and big drum hits right into a clean almost spoken word first verse, which I will add is lifted at least partially from a scene in the first Mad Max film(thumbs way up guys!). Big toms follow and then the punky sort of vocals I talked about early kick in. The singer Taylor has a good screaming/ angry vocal style and I like it when he uses this style more frequently in the songs. The track speeds up towards the end and then cuts right into the next track, ‘Hells Pit’.

Sometimes you can listen to a record and tell which songs will transition well in a live setting and ‘Hells Pit’, is exactly that. A repetitive, nice harmony, clean and harsh vocals make it feel like this song does well live with more of the bands mainstream/poppy tendencies. ‘Rogue’ is probably the fastest song on the record with a big fuzz intro build and a cool vocal harmony building into the faster sludge core sound. Kind of cool and leaves me wanting more.  Closing out the EP, is the crusher of a track called ‘Sleeper’, which is heavy and has a southern sludge influence ala COC.  This builds into the faster fuzzed out melodic sludge which I mentioned earlier, giving a good representation of what they are doing.

I really like how they can go from slow, very heavy tar pit rock into a faster more commercial sound but still with balls, they do this all within the same song and make it work.  If you’re a fan of the bands I mentioned before, sludge pop/ radio sludge (I don’t mean this in a derogatory way at all), get into this band!

If you’re not a fan, check em out anyway, you might just be blown back a few feet. The big upside is that they are only going to mature from here and definitely put their contemporaries on notice. These guys are really good and fun doing their own thing and I really like it despite not being into this exact sort of music. Favorite tracks are ‘Nothing is Sacred’ and ‘Rogue’.

Words by: David Heaton

You can pick up a copy here

For more information:

The Sludgelord News: Rongeur Announce the Release “The Catastrophist & As The Blind Strive Demos” Via Disiplin Media

Oslo-based stoner/sludge trio Rongeur are set to release their “The Catastrophist & As The Blind Strive” demo recordings, previously available on cassette via Aonair Productions, on CD on April 9th through Disiplin Media (Timeworn, Hombre Malo, Deviated Instinct, Summon the Crows, etc…)

A collection of seven harsh and heavy tunes full of crushing riffs and downtempo grooves that reference equal parts Eyehategod, Neurosis and Kylesa, “The Catastrophist & As The Blind Strive Demos” were produced by Pål Arntzen, Audun G. Jakobsen and Rongeur between 2013 and 2014.

Pre-orders are now available at the following location.

View the album cover below:

Rongeur is a stoner/sludge trio from Oslo, Norway made up of current and former members of Trollfest, Ampmandens Døtre and Exeloume. Since their start in late 2012, there have been no genre limitations, no rules, and no boundaries for Dag Ole (bass/vocals), Jostein (drums/vocals) and Ken-Robert (guitar/vocals), the only exception was that they wanted to make it sound raw and heavy.

Embracing the crunchy, heavy riffing of bands like High On Fire and Kylesa and combining it with the sludgy rawness of Eyehategod, the three-piece have recorded two demo-tapes, “Catastrophist” (2013) and “As the Blind Strive” (2014), which were recently compiled on a cassette-release by Aonair Productions. These demo recordings will now see a much desired release on CD and digital by Disiplin Media.

A collection of seven harsh and heavy tunes full of crushing riffs and downtempo grooves that reference equal parts Eyehategod, Neurosis and Kylesa, “The Catastrophist & As The Blind Strive Demos” is scheduled for national release on April 9th (World: 13th of april) and will be supported by live action.

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The Sludgelord News: FULGORA: Full-Length From Grindcore/Death Unit Featuring Members Of Pig Destroyer, Misery Index & Agoraphobic Nosebleed Streaming In Its Entirety At Decibel; Preorders Available

Stratagem is the forthcoming, seven-track skull-crusher from grindcore/death perpetrators, FULGORA. A name representing the female personification of lightning in Greek mythology, FULGORA features members of Pig Destroyer, Misery Index and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Together, their output is vicious, painful and sadistic.

et for imminent detonation courtesy of Housecore Records next month, Stratagem is a sinister collection of limited vinyl singles and samples. In anticipation of its release, today Decibel Magazine spews forth Stratagem in its scathing entirety noting in a recent 8/10 review of the record, "With Adam and John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Agoraphobic Nosebleed etc.) acting as the rhythmic backbone for guitarist/vocalist B.L. LaMew it's not a surprise that direct lines exist between those bands. Not that we're complaining. Adam's drumming ...unfathomably exudes space, breadth and surprising amounts of groove, while sounding like he's hitting everything at once. His frenetic style works well with LaMew's weaving of splashy discord into taut powerful riffs."

Strap on a helmet and check out Stratagem at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, watch the visual companion to the track "Meridian," which American Aftermath dubs a "three-minute barrage of vile, grind mayhem," playing at Metal Injection at THIS LOCATION.

FULGORA will release Stratagem via Philip H. Anselmo's Housecore Records on March 24th, 2015. For CD preorders, visit THIS LOCATION. Vinyl lovers go HERE
"FULGORA is cute" - Philip H. Anselmo

"...if Misery Index is a determined fanatic seething with the righteous rage of political revolution and Pig Destroyer is the lovelorn, desperate stalker of every woman's nightmares, then FULGORA is a mad scientist who is going to make you the middle section of his human centipede. FULGORA's music is unforgiving and furious, but it's also executed with surgical precision." - MetalSucks

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The Sludgelord News: Allochiria Announces European Tour With Ryvulet

Greek sludge/post-metal group Allochiria have announced their first-ever European tour in late March. The trek will start in Berlin, Germany on March 20th and will end in Athens, Greece on April 3rd and joining Allochiria on this tour will be German post-rock four-piece Ryvulet.

See the confirmed itinerary below and follow for updates and details.

20.03. Berlin/Germany – Kopi
21.03. Opole/Poland – Piekarnia
22.03. Prague/Czech Republic – Chapeau Rouge
23.03. Vienna/Austria – EKH
24.03. Bratislava/Slovakia – British Rock Stars
25.03. Budapest/Hungary – TBA
26.03. Cluj/Romania – Shelter
27.03. Brasov/Romania – Rockstadt
28.03. Bucharest/Romania – Question Mark
29.03. Sofia/Bulgary – Bar Zar
30.03. Thessaloniki/Greece – Biologiko
03.04. Athens/Greece - Katara214    

Formed in 2008, Allochiria is a four-piece group from Athens, Greece that plays a sludge/post-metal sound influenced by the likes of Amenra, Neurosis and Pelican.
In 2010, the band released a self-titled EP which garnered some highly enthusiastic reactions in their home country and in early 2014 they issued their first full-length album “Omonoia”. Incorporating elements from psychedelic-rock and sludge-seeping doom, “Omonoia” received some highly positive reviews in international press. Exclaim! Magazine for instance called it “… a multilayered masterpiece combining the raw power of sludge metal tempered with psychedelic soundscapes orchestrated by a kaleidoscope of instrumental effects.” Cvlt Nation also commended the album stating that Allochiria “…certainly has its own unique way of crafting tracks and raising ambiances,” while Echoes and Dust offered the following praise “…this is a haunting and intense listen which shows a superb band in complete control as they delve into your psych and twist it.”   

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